2022 Gathering of Men – January 28-30, 2022

Dear Brothers in Christ,      

We’re disappointed that we are missing the 31st Annual Gathering of Men Retreat this weekend. We hope you’ll join us in prayer to be able to resume in person for our dates January 27-29, 2023 at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

Each year men attend the Gathering of Men for an opportunity to

  • Get closer to God
  • Deepen their faith
  • Spend quality time with holy men who seek to be in mission with the Gospel.

Men need support and they find it at the Gathering of Men. In the last twenty-five years, over 6,900 men have attended this retreat. The focus of The Gathering Retreat centers on healing and reconciliation and it has become a great time for fathers and sons to improve their relationship.

This year we have several messages from Fr. John Lager O.F.M. Cap, Fr. Brendan Rolling O.S.B., and Fr. Doug Grandon. The theme is “Stand Firm and Steady in the Body of Christ.” We hope these messages will provide some thoughtful encouragement for you. 

We encourage you to take some time to listen and reflect on these messages. If possible, gather together with men, listen to these messages, reflect and share with one another. Another idea, is to designate several of your men to offer to share their story in a way that highlights the theme, “Stand Firm and Steady in the body of Christ.” Consider what this group did last year to have a small group experience. Mark Morton’s story (click to view)

Talk 1 -Intro – (click to view)

Talk 2 – Fr Brendan Rolling – (click to view)

Talk 3 – Fr Doug Grandon – (click to view)

Talk 4 – Fr John Lager – (click to view)

May God Continue to Bless You and Grant You His Peace.


The Gathering of Men Team



What men say about attending the Gathering of Men (click link to watch testimonies)

For more information, contact coloradocatholicretreats@gmail.com    or

voice/text (720) 924-6359 aka (720) 92G-ODLY

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