Gathering of Men Spiritual Reflections

We suggest you spend time in

  • prayer, daily, weekly,
  • stay connected to the Sacraments, and
  • find fellowship and keep in connection with men who are also pursuing Holiness.

Additionally, you can use these questions for reflection from the Gathering of Men 2019, Estes Park, CO Jan 25-27, 2019

Friday Night ­ Mark Haggard
What brought you on this Gathering?
What are you hoping to gain this weekend? When have you been mad at a God?
When have you played small?
How do you compromise being a man today?

Saturday Morning ­ Jimmy Jimenez & Sam Munson
How have you walked away from God’s plan?
How have you seen God’s plan unfolding in your life? Who do you believe you are in God’s eyes?

Saturday Morning ­ John Arceneaux, Matt Coady, Mark Morton ­ Father/Sons­in­law
What did you long for from your father that you never received?
How is your relationship with your own father reflected in Christ today? Who has fulfilled the role of a loving father for you?
What man has blessed you? How?

Saturday Afternoon ­ Ken Rosenberg ­ Sexualilty/Addiction
What part of Ken’s talk reminds you of incidents in your life?
How do you deal with feelings of worthlessness or shame? What are your coping or escape mechanisms?
How has your desire for sex impacted your relationships with women; your wife; your children? How did you learn about sex? How were you taught to treat a woman?

Saturday Evening  Deano Gonzalez shared about the challenge and power of Forgiveness and we proceeded into the Healing and Reconciliation service

Sunday Morning ­
Unpacking last night’s healing . . . “The Light of Christ I See in You”

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